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Q & A: propane gas prices in mobile home?

Question by aadens mom <3: propane gas prices in mobile home?
Im wanting to rent a 2 bedroom mobile home but it has propane heating and i’ve never had it before. it has the tank already but i was wondering if anyone had any idea on prices to have it filled. its getting warmer so i wouldnt be using it as much. im located in nc if that helps

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Answer by gas man
depends on where u are,im in Northern wisconsin and had my tank filled,310 gallons at 1.99 a gallon,,,that was from about 20% to 80%,u dont have to have it filled all the way if the tank is owned by the cust u can shop around for best prices,,if u lease or rent the tank u have to buy from who u rent the tank from

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2 Responses to Q & A: propane gas prices in mobile home?

  1. saaanen

    It’s going to be expensive. Propane is.

    Just call any propane dealer and tell them how many gallons the tank holds. They will tell you how much to fill.

  2. steve w

    Propane is around 2.50 per gal in California, some places $ 3.00 /gal
    Most places have a minimum order , like 100 gals to get you going. It is great for heating, provides some moisture into the air in dry winter, but it is a little pricey.
    You will want to plastic up some windows that you dont need to open to cut down on loss. And a skirt around the base of the home also helps.
    Mobile homes are typically poorly insulated. It could be fairly pricey to heat, especially if you like it warm. You might want to ask other people with trailers to see what their costs are.

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