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Q & A: plywood over insulation in attic?

Question by vipergtx500: plywood over insulation in attic?
There is an unknown R value of insulation in my attic and i want to lay plywood up there so I can store things. What is the best/most economical way of doing this. I will be doing all the work myself.

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Answer by boredstiff8
if the joists are all about14″ or so apart and you will be mostly crawling around you can use 1/2″ plywood the grain ….if access is tight you may have to cut the boards into strips….. i would start in the center closest to the access and work myself out from there…..you can leave gaps near the roof line….. probably just use nails dont even need to many just enough so the boards dont move around…watch for wires…the strips of ply wood need to lay across the joists

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  1. Megan R.

    Before you lay your plywood onto the joists, check to see if your insulation is couple of inches above the height of the joists. If you lay plywood and it squishes and compacts your insulation…you would loose R value( insulating value). Lets say the insulation is at same height as your joist, you can go ahead and do so. (Assuming your joists are 3 1/2 inch tall and insulation at 3 1/2 inch tall which is RARELY the case. And attic insulation is usually 8-12 inches tall depending on R value).

    If your insulation is 3 inches taller than the existing joists; you should install 2×4( or whatever size necessary wood) blocking to raise the height of the finishes floor…this way your insulation wont get crushed, but you would loose some ceiling height.

    You can use OSB board to save a few bucks per sheet.

  2. jakeb

    Yes you can do that but OSB board or particle board is cheaper than plywood. The hard question- is there a large enough opening to get sheets up there? If not cut it in smaller pcs.

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