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Q & A: Mobile home owners-When to unplug heat tape?

Question by Minnie: Mobile home owners-When to unplug heat tape?
in december we moved into a mobile home(in a park) and were told the heat tape was plugged in and working but that its old.Were getting days now where temps are between 30-50 degrees but are expecting more snow and freezing rain…so just wondering,do i have to unplug tape and if so when should it be done?

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Answer by paddlefoot
I would go ahead and unplug it now to save on energy and just remember to plug it back in when you know the temperature is going to drop to 32 deg f or lower

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5 Responses to Q & A: Mobile home owners-When to unplug heat tape?

  1. Sheila

    no don’t unplug it until all chances of freezing are over. Most heat tapes have a thermostat in them and only produce heat as needed. The thermostat will be close to the end that plugs in. It will have a clear soft plastic over it and a small light comes on while heat is being produced. If it is not freezing outside the tape is not producing heat so it isn’t costing you much if anything to keep it plugged in. Better to pay for a little electricity than to pay for new plumbing and labor.

  2. saaanen

    Never. It’s not meant to be unplugged.

    Plus, you have to remember to plug it in next year.

    If you’re SURE you’ll remember, so your pipes won’t freeze next year, unplug it now.

  3. Kinan

    It has a thermostat, so it only comes on when its cold, when you need it. If you’re uncertain how well it works because it’s old, replace it with new as it’s cheaper than broken flooded pipes.

  4. rookiewriter

    You can unplug it any time the temperatures are in the safe zone. Remember to plug it back in if the weather dictates. Good Luck to you.

  5. big fella

    when the temp stays above freezing you can unplug it or throw the breaker if its on its own circuit.

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