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Q & A: Metal roof is full of condensation how do i stop it from stop sweating?

Question by Renee x: Metal roof is full of condensation how do i stop it from stop sweating?
I hv metalic roof on our carport that is 30×30. In he morning hours it sweats leaving my porch all wet along with my out door furniture. It is open on three sides is there a way to stop the condensation or is it just something to deal with. I love drinking coffee in early morning but hate having to always wipe my furniture down and walk in water!!!

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Answer by thundercloud
I put rubber tires , like form ur car or truck to keep it cool and to absorb the water or dew on the roof

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  1. skeeter

    it is very common with a metal roof. the temperature of the roof in the morning causes water vapor to condense on it, causing the water droplets. metal pole building have this problem also. right after sunrise, the building will “rain” inside. spray on insulation on the underside of the roof will eliminate the problem.

  2. Ef Ervescence

    This is an interesting question. The first thought might be ventilation, but it is open on three sides, so there is no lack of ventilation.

    Condensation forms on an exposed surface, where there is a temperature difference between the air and the solid, and that is usually the upper surface, because it cools a bit faster than the sub-surface.

    There must be something causing the temperature difference to affect the underside of the roof, and that suggests there is something covering the upper surface. and causing an insulating effect.

    The most likely possibilities would be dirt or an accumulation of leaves, and a thorough wash may solve the problem.

    Another question seems in order.

    What is the source of the water? Do you have a fountain nearby, or some other body of water beside or beneath the roof that may contribute to the problem?

    If none of these apply, or work, you might consult a local builder or building supply company and inquire about mylar insulation sheets. These come in different thicknesses, ranging from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. They are aluminized mylar sheets with bubbles trapped in plastic between them, and they are a good insulating blanket that is light in weight, rot-proof, and can be glued in place easily.

  3. Grizzly Man

    You could put 27 “super absorbent” car tires on your roof, lol, but that wont do a lick of good. Get a cross breeze going with a fan or insulate the underside of the roof with ridgid foam leaving a airgap between the metal and the foam board sheets, that should do the trick. they sell a roll of what looks like silver bubble wrap at hardware and home stores, this wrap is made to insulate metal builings but it is a bit pricey compared to the foam board sheets. A fresh coat of roof coating (if it needs it) will help also, I use the white coating it reflects more of the suns rays then the aluminum coating. Good luck

  4. Henry H

    Ridge Vent … good luck

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