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Q & A: It is 78 degrees in my house, why does my furnace still kick on about once an hour?

Question by drew: It is 78 degrees in my house, why does my furnace still kick on about once an hour?
It is finally springtime and warm out. Our house is well insulated, but this is our first home and first furnace… Does anyone have any idea on why the furnace keeps coming on? I felt the baseboards and they aren’t hot… but I assume this is burning precious fuel. I also have a gas hot water heater… so that isn’t it. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by biff
YOU DIDNT TELL US IF YOU HAVE ADJUSTED THE THERMOSTAT! Try that! If it will not adjust replace the stat.

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4 Responses to Q & A: It is 78 degrees in my house, why does my furnace still kick on about once an hour?

  1. DAN Y

    Your boiler ( not a furnace ) has a tankless heating coil in it and is wired at the aquastat to maintain a preset temperature 24/7. A gas water heater was probably installed at some point when the tankless heater couldn’t keep up anymore. This has nothing to do with your thermostat ! It is a very simple matter of disconnecting 2 wires in the aquastat and connecting them together bypassing the low limit function of the control. They should have done this when the gas water heater was put in. you are paying for two fuels to heat the same water!

  2. william v

    You may want to change the location of your thermostat.
    Have a tech come and check it!!!

  3. puddy's lady100%

    Get it checked out.You don’t want to waste money like this.Gas is high enough.

  4. cheezyhill

    You have a boiler. The hot water in your boiler is separate from you hot water heater (or at least it should be).

    Your heating system has a thermostat that tells the pumps to pump water to the (hot water) baseboards. But since you don’t need and heat the pump does not go on and your baseboards stay cool.

    BUT the BIG BUT. The water in your boiler maintains a minimum temperature all the time – just in case your thermostat tells the pump to heat up the baseboard heaters.

    You need to turn off your boiler for the summer. If you are unfamiliar (sounds like you are) with the on off switch etc. I might suggest you have a service call and have the service man explain the proper shut down and start up procedures to you.

    This may sound basic and it is so you may have a friend or relative that could help you out. But heating systems if not properly taken care of Can cause you serious headaches.

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