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Q & A: Is this sound normal for heating radiator?

Question by InvisibleWar: Is this sound normal for heating radiator?
I have a forced hot water system in my house. I hear a gurgling sound from the radiator on the second floor. I assume this is just water rushing up. I don’t hear the same sound from the radiators on the 1st floor. The heating seems to work fine. I don’t see any visible water leaks. The pressure valve looks a little rusty but otherwise it seems fine. Should I be concerned?

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Answer by Arwel
sounds like you have an airlock, you should have a radiator key that connects to the little square knob on the top left or right hand of your radiator SLOWLY turn the key and release the air.

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3 Responses to Q & A: Is this sound normal for heating radiator?

  1. Chris

    Let the air out

  2. gas man

    u have air in your system,if it ain’t broke dont fix it,if u want to remove the air bleed it from the top end with the key,if u dont have a key most good hardwares carry them,open the bleed till u get h20,u now may have to add h20 to the system at the boiler,,for a 2 story house the press should be aprox 10 -12 # with the boiler hot,,for every # of press the h20 will go up 2 feet,if u dont feel comfortable doing this call a pro,it will be $ well spent

  3. jusvicious

    If it is heating properly then i doubt you have an airlock. This would prevent the water from circulating and returning back to the boiler thus resulting in no heat. It sounds like you might what to check the pressure on the system and also check your pump.

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