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Q & A: Insulation tape for heat pipes?

Question by Gallo: Insulation tape for heat pipes?
We have a pipe that runs from our furnace to our kitchen that needs to be insulated. It’s a fairly large pipe in diameter. I saw at Home Depot they have insulation tape — how effective is the tape compared to the foam or fiberglas insulation?

Problem is we live in a condo building and the exposed pipe runs though our common storage locker area. We’re losing a ton of heat in the lockers and are basically paying to keep it heated.

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Answer by hoboson
Buy the fiberglass and tape all the ends where they butt together, tape alone will not insulate properly, and it takes more time.

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3 Responses to Q & A: Insulation tape for heat pipes?

  1. Dan H

    Find the correct size insulation wrap for the pipe you have, then install it. Use an insulation tape, not Duct tape. Duct (or duck) tape works on everything except ducts.

    You may have to go to a heating supplier to find the correct insulation. Look in the phone book or call a heating contractor to find a retailer.

  2. Mark C

    The foam is best followed by the fiberglass, the trick is to make sure all the pipe and joints are taped tight. Do not use duct tape, use a metal tape.

  3. wildmick21

    IN my opinion you are wasting your money with insulation tape. The insulated foam sleeves work better to hold in heat and are safe for copper pipes. I would be more concerned about the “common area” iisue. Don’t you have a person who runs the condo building and takes care of repairs? This should be the person doing it. If you don’t have such a person, I would alert others who use the locker area what you plan to do. Get their approval first.

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