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Q & A: Insulating walls for an apartment dweller?

Question by mikki9887: Insulating walls for an apartment dweller?
My apartment building must have been built in the 1960s or so. I doubt there is much insulation in the walls. I put window film on the windows as they leak so much air it is pathetic. Any ideas on what to do with the walls? I was wondering if I purchased sheets of the foam insulation, for example at Home Depot – you know the thin blue foam sheets – and put them up on the inside of the exterior walls – would that help any? My desk is next to an exterior wall and there is LITERALLY a cold draft coming off the wall –

I have to pay for heat but apartment management won’t let me install a programmable thermostat and obviously they are not going to do anything about the insulation or the windows.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

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Answer by me4tennessee
I hate to say it but MOVE!

Or purchase your own condo or home?

When you rent you are stuck to what the landlord will and wont let you do! Nothing you can do but move when the lease ends!

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2 Responses to Q & A: Insulating walls for an apartment dweller?

  1. bugs280

    Hanging the rigid foam will help, but that stuff isn’t cheap, and you’re going to be responsible for the damage to the wall from securing it.
    Here is a cheaper and easier solution to try. Home Depot has foam pads that go inside your wall outlets and switches. They come in packs of 10 I think, for a couple of bucks. Remove the covers form all the switches and outlets on the outside walls. Put the foam in, and screw the covers back on. If the walls are poorly insulated, you will feel cold air coming in around the outlets and switches. This will help block it.

  2. zocko

    Hang a blanket on the wall behind the computer, it will block drafts. That’s how they did it in the castles of old when it was brick walls.
    A towel on a window sill and tuck paper in the track (sash) spaces on the sides of the windows where they go up and down.

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