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Q & A: installing new insulation in a mobile home?

Question by rusty shakleford: installing new insulation in a mobile home?
my early 90’s mobile home has metal siding and sheet rock interior walls. I’m sure that the insulation is probably junk by now, so I was wondering what would be the best way to go about changing it out. I’ve thought about doing it from the inside, but there’s so much furniture to move then removing trim and hoping I don’t crack the original textured drywall/sheetrock. I’ve heard of doing it from the outside, removing the metal siding and doing it that way, but i’m unsure how to actually do that. What are the more specific steps to doing it this way and is this a better way?

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Answer by William B
insulation is ok no need to replace it, my trailer is also from the 90,s and is fine

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2 Responses to Q & A: installing new insulation in a mobile home?

  1. jesuswriter17

    I agree with Karen, but in answer to your question, I would say go at it from the outside metal siding. You will just have a lot of calking to do afterwards.

  2. Karen L

    Why would the insulation be junk? At that age, it would probably have been fibreglass batts, which don’t settle like some older kinds did. My mobile is a 1990 and it has fibreglass. I had part of a wall open a while ago and the insulation was fine. Unless you know that water got into a wall and soaked the insulation, there is no reason to replace insulation. If water did get into a wall, then you’d probably have to replace a lot more than the insulation.

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