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Q & A: I need advice about the wood burning fireplace in my home.?

Question by Tara G: I need advice about the wood burning fireplace in my home.?
I would like to use the fireplace to help heat my small home so I don’t have to run the furnace as much throughout the winter months. I have read that a fireplace is not an efficent source of heat. Can anything make it more efficent?

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Answer by TOpher
Im sry but its a fire place, what do you expect?

Wait you could maybe put a fan by it to blow the hot air out so that it can heat your house better. Maybe you could try that.

Thats all I got,, SORRY

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8 Responses to Q & A: I need advice about the wood burning fireplace in my home.?

  1. DeeDee

    when you are using your fireplace, be sure your central heat isn’t on too, because as others stated, a lot of expensive heat will go up the chimney.

  2. oil field trash

    A fireplace that doesn’t have an independent outside air source actually increases you heating bill if you leave you furnace on while using the fireplace. If you turn the furnace off then you may experience portions of the house that are cold.-

    Why? The wood needs air to burn. It takes the air from the inside the house unless you have a separate air source piped to the fireplace. That air is then replaced by outside air some of which will be heated by the furnace if it is on. Otherwise, some portion of the house will get colder.

    Even a hot fire place and chimney that is open after the fire is out can draft sufficient air up the chimney to replace the air in your house up to 5 times in one hour.

    I know this doesn’t seem reasonable but if you do a carefully engineering analysis, you will see it is true.

  3. Chipmonk

    I have a wood stove in my small (1,700 sq. ft) house. I just love the cozy, warm heat it radiates. I understand your apprehension, because I am doing my utmost to save a few $ on heating my house this winter. Incidentally, I burn Kero (tank is under the deck) and this morning I received a delivery. Cost at the present time? $ 3.35 a gal. Since I have been burning wood, the cost is not as bad as I thought it would be. Cost for a cord of wood in these parts (you need to shop around) $ 140.

    I know, its a hassle, stacking wood, cleaning up the mess and keeping the fire burning. This year, I am determined to save a few $ and carry out this experiment.

  4. sensible_man

    You may be able to find an aftermarket heat-o-lator that can be installed in the fireplace. Glass doors also help. Air leaving the house through the chimney is what makes them less efficient. If you decide to go with a wood stove, check with your Home Owners insurance. Some companies charge a higher premium for wood stoves than for fireplaces.

  5. Bricky Local 9 PA

    short of buying an insert , glass doors will help a little…

  6. demetria2424

    If you have the option I would go with a wood stove. They are wonderful.

  7. Brad S

    you no their is a difference between a fireplace and a wood stove .i have never seen a efi fireplace but wood stove are real nice the have blower if you have a wood supply like oak or ash or any wood the are real nice i use one all the time i used my forced air 4 times a year i love my wood stove

  8. libaki

    They make special fireplace inserts that enable you to capture more of the heat from your fireplace. Go to a fireplace shop and ask for help on fireplace inserts.

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