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Q & A: How does white styrofoam beadboard compare with pink XPS rigid insulation, for inside basement walls?

Question by yahooserious: How does white styrofoam beadboard compare with pink XPS rigid insulation, for inside basement walls?
I know the white beadboard is cheaper, but is it as effective? Does it have the same R-value per inch? Which product would be better?

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Answer by Jman
no, you should get the best. the insulations should be energy star. it will save you money and energy

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9 Responses to Q & A: How does white styrofoam beadboard compare with pink XPS rigid insulation, for inside basement walls?

  1. oreos40

    The white bead board is Expanded polystyrene
    The Blue, yellow, and pink is extruded polystyrene. The “R” values between extruded and expanded are quite different. The highest “R” value comes with Isocyanurate foams both in sheets whit ch come with both aluminum and fiberglass face material and the spray applied some of these are over R 10 per inch


    ok the white bead board or expanded styrofoam has a lower r value that the pink extruded styrofoam. The pink styrofoam will be better for lining your basment wall just use pl 300 adhesive to attach it to the wall it wont eat away the foam personally i prefer the pink over the white but thats just me

  3. Pat B

    when new both products have about the same R value.”The beadboard is more fragile a lot messyer to install and more susceptible to moisture w2hen using it you should provide some sort of moisture barrier. the rigid insulation is more durable cuts cleanly with a utility knife and comes with a moisture barrier

  4. Steven W

    The “smaller” Tighter, the cellular composition, the better the product,,, and “cheaper” will give you exactly what you pay for,,,no offense.

    HD, Lowes, etc. sell cellular, “insulating” foam in blue usually, but I’m sure pinks and greens may also be sold. It’s sold in various thicknesses, and I usually use 2 inch. You won’t get R-30 (for example) from any foam.

    Steven Wolf

  5. tootall1121

    the R values, i am not sure. that white stuff is NOT Styrofoam. it is a cheap imitation. Real Styrofoam is made by DuPont, is usually a light blue, with a plastic seal coat on both sides. that thin plastic seal coat doubles the R value. what really does the insulation, is trapped air. air is actually a poor conductor of heat. the foam is actually little bubbles of air. dead air that is, air that cannot circulate and move. it works similarly to the way a down vest or coat works, it fluffs up and holds the air pockets out within a confining structure, thus retaining heat. the rigid stuff will last much longer, i can tell you that much. the white foam stuff deteriorates quickly. buy cheap, get cheap, is the general rule. you may wind up only having to do it again in a few years.

  6. spiritgide41

    As you know the fine grain boards are more expensive. They are more efficient too, as mentioned above. What’s not mentioned is that they are more durable; easier to cut smoothly and install correctly. Bead board is weak and fragile by comparison. Must be tasty, too- mice will eat tunnels in it!

    I would recommend Dow’s blue board. Very good stuff.

  7. noskwik2

    Fiberglass insulation is 3.5 per inch r-value.

    Styrofoam is 5 per inch r-value.

    Polyurethane spray foam is 7 per inch r-value.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  8. enstable2

    For the inside walls Think Pink….and for the exterior walls use the 4″ x 8″ x 3/4′ sheets of foam. Best use of both and saves a little cash.

  9. DIY Lady

    Good question and I will be watching this one to see how everyone Answers. Insulation board is different where i’ve been for the last few years so interested what the going trend for high R value actually is in the states.

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