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Q & A: how does geothermal heating and cooling work, in a nut shell?

Question by jarrod s: how does geothermal heating and cooling work, in a nut shell?

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Answer by Ryan14
Geothermal heating has been used since Roman times as a way of heating buildings and spas by utilizing sources of hot water and hot steam that exist near the earth’s surface. Where such geothermal resources are available, it is possible to distribute hot water or steam to multiple buildings.

Not the best answer, but it’s basically heat used from the ground.

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  1. koma

    it runs water in pipes deep through the ground which it at a constant temp 60 or so, and then runs the water through the house in radiators

  2. Paul Ding

    In the summer, you turn your house into a refrigerator, with the coils located underground, where the temperature is always about 56F. It’s a lot more efficient trying to shed heat into 56F groundwater than into 90F or 100F air.

    In the summer, you reverse the valves, so you warm the house by extracting heat from 56F groundwater. It’s a lot easier trying to extract heat from 56F water than from air that’s possibly 20 below zero.

    Other than using groundwater for your remote coils, it’s just a heat pump.

  3. lindajune

    Geo means “of the earth”.
    Thermal means “heat”.

    So geothermal means heat from the earth. It is used to refer to any event that has its source in the heat of the earth, such as hot springs, geysers, mud pots, volcanoes, and geothermal vents.

    So if you can tap into one of these geothermals you use it to heat air, water, or any other substance for simple heat, or if there is enough heat you can boil water to power electrical stations.

  4. T C

    removes heat and cold from the earth, instead artificially creating it. Systems work, but can be expensive to maintain.

  5. smilez

    it’s closer to the core of earth so the air pockets it reaches are a constant 60 degrees all year round so if you have that in your house your house is 60 degrees all year round

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