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Q & A: Floor heating and laminate/wood floors?

Question by Samten: Floor heating and laminate/wood floors?
We gutted our upstairs walls and floors, so i’ve been wanting to put in some kind of floor heating system (obviously not water!), and then laminate or wood floors on top of it. The room isn’t very big, it’s about 200 square feet…

I looked at a few manufacturers such as WarmlyYours and NuHeat…- however they are all quite expensive, the NuHeat one runs around 1600$ .

I’m wondering if anybody has experience with this, and what they can recommend in terms of quality but also price.

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Answer by skr17
i bort ma laminate flooring and vinyl from an online shop…i think online shops r always da best in terms of price…Comfy Zone…
dey had cheap laminate flooring and very expensive high quality flooring…basically dey had a wide range… da website only shows limited stock but i actually rang em n found out dey had loadz of stuff…dey let u order stuff dat u like from deyre catalogues…
n i cant memba da price nw…but it was v cheap…ring em up n ask em 4 aprice…u wont b disapointed…

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  1. rob s

    Most all your under flooring heating systems are expensive.. One way to cut down on the price a bit is to put the heating mat in just the main traffic area that you walk on..
    Have you priced out Sun Touch, available at Home Depot and Lowes? I ve used their system a few times and found it easy to work with..
    I will mention that these systems will increase your electric bill a bit too ( actually a lot) but feeling a warm floor in the morning is also nice. Maybe just a nice area rug for decoration so your not walking on a hard surface?
    Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar .. GL

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