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Q & A: Does anyone use American Home Shield Warranty Service?

Question by TIMOTHY H: Does anyone use American Home Shield Warranty Service?
We just bought a house that came with a 1 year contract with American Home Shield. Is anyone familiar with this company?
We went through them last week for service on our furnace. An electrical sequencer on one of the heating elements went out. The HVAC tech. that came out said it was covered by the home warranty, American Home Shield would not authorize the work to be done, they claim it went out because of improper installation of the duct work. The only issue the tech had with the ductwork was that some of it was laying in front of the furnace. ( furnace and duct are in attic, all the duct work is flex duct and can be moved easily). When I told the rep. from AHS that the duct is not the cause of the failure of the electrical part he got pretty rude and upset, I fnally hung up. I installed HVAC systems for more than 10 years, and know for a fact that AHS is just trying to get out of paying for repair.
I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this co. before. Thanks.

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Answer by candyman
I have worked for them as a contractor for awhile for 2 different companies. Lets just say they royally suck. They rip off the contractor and homeowner. They lock us in at low rates and promise alot of work, then when you send them a bill they will send you what they feal the repair was worth and not what you sent them. Then you call to argue the bill and they give you a bunch of BS sales pitches about how they put you in front of the customers and then it is up to us to sell you our services seperate and convert you over to us for furture repairs. The big problem with that is they pay such a small amount that we don’t have time to do discuss service agreements or anything else because we are already losing money after the first half hour. They also don’t want to pay for travel time and then they send you calls that are 45mins away and don’t pay an extra money for travel. When you call to complain they try for sympathy from you, and convince you are doing something wrong becaus eall their other contractors don’t have any problems at all. I have had alot of experience with them and will NEVER EVER work for them again or tell anybody to use them. It is a sellers tactic to put the warranty on the home as a perk to buying as peace of mind for the buyer. They only charge a few hundred bucks for it and never even inspect them home and when a claim comes in in the first 30 days they say it is a pre-existing condition and is not covered, or their favorite is saying it was due to lack of servicing that caused they break down or improper installation and they will not pay. Thats my story from the contractors side. No surprise your not happy either. Sorry to hear and for the long answer but I feel your pain.

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  1. OrakTheBold

    Hello Timothy:

    I agree with Candyman. My home came with this warranty, and I had to call a plumber to fix a clogged drain. The drain needed to be snaked, but he made a quick fix that only lasted a few months.

    When AHS called at the end of the year to renew the contract I said no. These companies can’t give the CEO a million-dollar bonus by paying out claims.

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