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Q & A: Do people REALLY believe that electricity comes from foreign oil?

Question by Maxwell: Do people REALLY believe that electricity comes from foreign oil?
Essentially no US electricity comes from foreign oil. ALMOST NONE. as in LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (<1%) US power plants are: Hydroelectric (No foreign oil, obviously) Coal (No foreign oil, obviously) Natural Gas (Natural gas in the US is 100% domestic) Nuclear (No foreign oil, obviously) Solar (No foreign oil, obviously) Wind (No foreign oil, obviously) Geothermal (No foreign oil, obviously) Biofuel (No foreign oil, obviously) and a little tiny bit of petroleum, SOME of which is foreign based during SOME of the year (based on domestic production of heating oil) Do People really think solar etc will reduce our dependence on foreign oil when we don't use foreign oil to produce electricity?? @SCOTTS No Says Reality To my knowledge Fox hasn't commented on the subject. Please do point to a power plant that burns foreign oil. @NAUTILUS The question is about domestic electricity production and if "green" power plants will reduce dependency on foreign oil (Which they obviously will not) Talking about the other things we are hooked on that involve oil is off topic and moot. @ANDY YOU....have been paying attention to the country Best answer:

Answer by Ron R
yes..that is oil flowing over niagra falls….lol

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14 Responses to Q & A: Do people REALLY believe that electricity comes from foreign oil?

  1. whiteflame55

    There’s a good reason why people believe our electricity comes from oil, and it’s not just direct. In order to have all of these plants get up and running, each and every one of them requires a large amount of oil to make, and not just through transport. You’re right, we have a lot of various sources for electrical energy, but that’s only after they’re up and running. The amount of oil that goes into their set up is nothing to scoff at, and it’s one of the main reasons that we have a tremendous amount of oil dependence in this country.

  2. LauraWrites

    The majority of the nation’s electricity is from coal.

    No, oil has nothing to do with electricity, but has everything to do with utility costs, groceries, and anything else that is distributed physically or involves transportation in any way.

  3. Mad Max

    This is a really fantastic chart that shows what our various power sources are used for, and by how much.


    You are correct that oil is not used much for electricity production. It is primarily used for transportation, and to produce chemicals (plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc).

    Of course we depend on oil to generate electricity though, but not directly.

  4. Thedude27

    Liberal solutions aren’t actually based on reality. You would think that would have been clear by now.

  5. answer please
  6. Tubby the dopehead

    Close, but we import natural gas from Canada. And a small but non-neglible amount of electricity is produced by diesel-fueled boilers which may use imported oil.

  7. ahandle101

    The fact the midwest blacked out for a week a few years back with the blame being put on one guy in Ohio who didn’t flip a switch still doesn’t quite instill confidence in our country’s electricity system. Just sayin’.

  8. andy

    Yes because magically we will move to electric cars thus reduce are dependence on foreign oil. The bad thing is that these same people don’t want to build solar farms, will replace the lizards. Don’t want wind power, will kill the birds. Don’t want hydropower keeps the fish from reaching spawning zones. Don’t want coal because it’s dirty. Don’t want nuclear, just look at what is going on in Japan. I think I covered most of the major sources.

  9. Doc Holliday

    You are all ++++++ up.

    Of course foreign oil is not used to make electricity.

    And your point is?

  10. Dr. Zaius -R-

    It takes a crapload of oil to mine and transport coal.

  11. Nautilus

    Yeah, that may be true, but 4-5 out of those options would be incredibly expensive or dangerous (Nuclear, HOW ABOUT LOOKING AT JAPAN RIGHT NOW) on a large scale. Oil produces alot more things than you may think. Why dont you do some more research

    I did answer your question, we have so much debt in this country right now that the technology isnt advanced enough to do most of those things on a large scale. I wish we had more of them to but i’m not close minded like you. To be effective most of those choices need many resources that many places dont have, so it isnt practical yet to use those methods. The fact that you disregarded my answer after I gave a clear one shows you dont want a real opinion about it, you want someone to agree with you

  12. Huevos Rancheros®

    Liberals will believe anything you tell them.

  13. Dead Donkeys Don't Lie

    No but I know oil companies are getting into green technology.

  14. scottso360

    Essentially no US electricity comes from foreign oil. ALMOST NONE. as in LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (<1%)

    says fix news

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