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Q & A: Condo building sound insulation specialist in Chicago?

Question by alex: Condo building sound insulation specialist in Chicago?
I live in a condo, where a lot of plumbing noises (water circulating, bubbling, dripping, swirling, etc) come in through the bathroom. Does anybody here know a good contractor who specializes in sound insulation? I’d like to keep the sounds from coming in, or at least keep them confined to the bathroom. Thanks

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Answer by Allison1888
Since it’s a condo, I’m not sure how much you can do with talking to the association. It sounds like you’re talking about adding more insulation in the walls, which could get a little pricey. I wonder if just adding another layer of drywall to the room (which will throw off your molding, etc. so be careful of that) would do the trick. I would talk to a few contractors to see what they say. One source is http://www.nari.org.

I would also check in with your association — maybe many people are having this problem and they can tackle it from a bigger perspective.

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