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Q & A: Cleaning heating ducts?

Question by MicheLLe: Cleaning heating ducts?
We’ve moved into a new home, and our heating vents are super dusty. The vents run in an extremely small proximity, as our home is humble and small, therefore, not worth the cost to hire a professional. After I change the filter, are there any suggestions on an easy and safe way to clean the dust from my vents? Can I use a shop vacuum and would it be effective? thanks for any advice!

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Answer by Jimmy d. – Floridian~“
You can try and do it yourself, but I would hire a pro.

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2 Responses to Q & A: Cleaning heating ducts?

  1. swashbuckler82

    yes a shopvac would do fine for step 1. then step 2, a bucket of warm dawn & lotsa rags to wipe out the elbow. dont worry about what you cant reach,its not worth it unless someone spilled sticky liquid in it. make sure you check the basin by the filter,it might need it also. hope you have a great newyear in your new home!

  2. truesprocket

    yes use your shop vac but you should try to get through the hole system including the intake

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