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Q & A: Can someone give me a ball park figure for a full fledged home renovation?

Question by aberdeen606: Can someone give me a ball park figure for a full fledged home renovation?
I’m looking at a home that is from the 1840s and is selling for $ 56k. It has 4200 sq. foot and is a two story. Structure seems good, but I am assuming there is no insulation. Would it be better to have blown insullation or to pull off outside boards sections at a time and add strips of insulation? Also, plumming and electric needs to be redone. I have worked with pipe and also with electric and wiring but have never tackled a whole house. Do you think this could be done by one person and a few qualified/experienced friends? Would the money I save be worth the effort of doing it myself? Any kind of redo tips on a house this size, whether it be wiring, plumbling, painting, or whatever would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by dude
Good luck.
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3 Responses to Q & A: Can someone give me a ball park figure for a full fledged home renovation?

  1. 6kidsANDalwaysFIXINGsomething

    Pull the finish off the inside of the house (plaster/lath/wallboard) and re-frame to allow for insulation, vapor barrier etc. Re-wire, plumb and HVAC go in before the walls are re-boarded.
    Get a building permit from the town. They will send inspectors; the inspectors will tell you what they need to see to pass it. You follow their rules and when it’s time to sell; you send the buyer to the town to check the inspections passed…. up goes the value. Do it once and do it right.

  2. ben s

    what you have to do is make a 1yr plan, a 5yr plan and a 10yr plan. I bought a 100yr old house 7 yrs ago. I am now doing my ten yr stuff. Man, you got a lot of work to do, but the benefits are that your home will climb in value much faster than what the cost of renovation is. Good luck!!!
    P.S. I usually take time off work when theres a big job to do,but then again I’m self employed

  3. jimd52936

    ball park would be approx 250/350 dollars sq ft.depends on where you live and what you want done.take flooring to carpet 15/50 sq ft hard wood 50/100 sq ft if you have friends to help you out do it your self the time it would take would more then make up for what it would cost you in labor alone, i do handy man work part time to keep busy. when i,m asked to do a job and Howe much it will cost my labor cost is double what the material will cost..if material is 1000 my labor is two i live in NY price.s here are a higher then most place,s..bottom line if you can do it yourself.good luck

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