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Q & A: can regular insulation help sound proof walls and ceilings?

Question by no nickname: can regular insulation help sound proof walls and ceilings?
there’s a big empty spot in the basement and im planning to turn it into a room. the problem is that there’s a lot of noise transfer from the basement to the floor above. the basement is completely unfinished so there’s no insulation. after using regular insulation plus the drywall, will there be less noise transfer, a lot less, or no difference? I want to do this as a project and Im not planning on spending a lot of money in this. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance…

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Answer by Bubba J
it makes sense. im pretty sure it would help. i dont think it would completely stop the noise, but it should deffinantly help.

heres a tip: alot of people (typically aspiring musicians living in appartments) use foam egg cartons to sound proof a room. its cheap, recycling and works!

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