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Q & A: Bought a house with no insulation ?

Question by mgarcia2411: Bought a house with no insulation ?
We bought our house last yr in the summer and had an inspection done and everything was goood. This home was built in the 50’s and since we live in Texas didnt notice anything until winter came around. It is painfully cold in this house most times colder inside than out. We came to find out there is no insulation in the walls. My question is do we have any recourse with the sellers, or real estate agent? I guess we assumed this home had insulation and it wasnt disclosed to us that it didnt. Is that a health violation or anything? Thanks

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Answer by Chuck P
Not unless it was required by code in the 50’s, I don’t know your area but some never even had a building department established back then so you may be out of luck. They do have companies that can blow insulation in your existing walls that may be your best bet now.

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  1. W. C.

    If you had an attorney close for you, check with them. If it was your agent, ask them about Texas disclosure laws or how disclosure forms are worded. The previous owners had to know.

    You may also have recourse back to the inspector, under his errors & omissions insurance, for failing to advise you of the lack of insulation.

    As has already been mentioned, you can blow insulation into the stud cavities. There are 2 options here…one, blow in cellulose or blow in expanding foam.

    With cellulose, you can do it or have it done, while the foam would need to be done by an insulation contractor.

    The cellulose would be cheaper, more so if you do it yourself.

    If you decide to tackle insulating on your own, message me at constructionservices10 @ gmail.com & I’ll give you a step-by-step.

    Good luck…

  2. T.J.

    That is just the way they some built houses back in the 50’s.
    It is not uncommon.
    I don’t think you have any recourse, because it is not considered a defect.

    I have the same problem in my house. We just turn the heat up, but you can have insulation blown into the walls.

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