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Q & A: Best way to heat a mobile home with Really bad insulation.?

Question by Jeremy: Best way to heat a mobile home with Really bad insulation.?
I just spent $ 200 to fill my propane tank 9 days ago and they put in 68 gallons and it is now empty.

Even when I have the tempature set on 65 it feels llike 50.

The air that blows through the vents is not really hot just warm and sometimes cold.

The mobile home itself is really old.

It was made in 1970, so the insulation is really bad to.

I dont know what to do.

I have electric heaters running but they dont do much besides run up my electric bill. ($ 42 last month)

Would it be best to convert my propane heater to something else or will that even help.

What can I do.

My pipes keep freezing inside the trailer and one of them burst last month. (Not outside the trailer, not underneath the trailer, but inside the trailer. That’s right, it is below freezing inside my trailer)
Please help.
I dont know what to do and dont say something stupid like turn your thermostat down. I am honestly at the point of suicide all ready dont push me over the edge. I keep it at 60.
The electric bill INCREASED by $ 42.

That was not the total.

The total was $ 122.67

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Answer by rockstarhooligan
Be very careful and get an experts advice.Mobile homes are very flammable.It also helps to wear more clothes and more blankets.

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6 Responses to Q & A: Best way to heat a mobile home with Really bad insulation.?

  1. joe m

    I would get your propane heater checked. The air coming out should be pretty warm. You might be losing a lto of heat/money because of an inefficient heater

  2. jtaenewman

    propane heat is going to heat it the best, you may want to compare prices with propane dealers or see if u can get discount on autofill, your elctric bill really isnt that high, but any type of insulation u can add will help and recommend having your duct work looked at to see if it is leaking anywhere.

  3. FromJLM

    I believe I already answered this question.

  4. wv_country_princess

    i live in an old trailer too.. i had to block off all my rooms leaving me with just the living room to heat and it is still too cold.. well i have a small heater for bathroom when i bathe but its goes right off when im done.. i wear my housecoat all day and night until its bed time. i dont sleep with my heater on so it gets very very very cold in here but id rather be cold than take a chance of burning to death.. i have a window heater/air conditioner and it doesnt kick on and off so i turn it off when i sleep…. i wish 42 dollars was all my winter electric bill was… sometimes i get so mad at the way i live but then again im so thankful that im not trying to find a cardboard box big enough to sleep in…

  5. cowboydoc

    You can’t do much with a mobile but, since your stuck with it for now. Wrap the bottom half with a heavy painters plastic, you’ll notice the difference right away. if you have a lot of snow, pile snow up as high as you can around the place. Put window plastic over the inside of the windows for now, use duct tape if necessary for now. Close off all entries but, leave two open for quick emergency exits.
    Hope for a short winter, that’s about all you can do but, don’t forget what you went through so next year, you’ll be ready.

  6. ♪►♫ - Saurabh

    spen some on insulation…..
    since with out these ….what – ever heat that gets generated…..is lost to the outside environment…

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