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Q & A: At what stores can i buy rockwool?

Question by Michael G: At what stores can i buy rockwool?
i live in waxhaw, nc and i need to buy rockwool. what stores near me supply it. Lowe’s? Home Depot? Ace hardware? If there isnt a store near me that supplies it, what is a good substitute for it that i can buy at a store near me?

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Answer by sandgroper
Ive never heard of those companies but why not try them, if they don’t have it they might know a company that does. You could also try a company that specializes in insulation

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6 Responses to Q & A: At what stores can i buy rockwool?

  1. Dr. Strangelove

    Lowes sells a blow-in insulation that’s made from paper that resembles rockwool. They sell it in bags and rent the blower to install it. Honestly, I haven’t seen rockwool insulation since the 80’s.

  2. casey s

    Rockwool is a older term used to describe fibre glass insulation bats. There are many companies that sell it at home depot etc such as owens corning or roxul it is commonly used as an insulating material for heat/cold noise and fire.

  3. jeff w


    do a google/yahoo search

  4. Trevor Trillion

    ROCKWOOL international is a company based in Denmark.
    They can contact YOU for where to buy their products in America, fill out this page:

    I see their products all the time here in Belgium, but have never noticed it in America. Rockwool is actually MINERAL Wool fiber or synthetic fiber insulation. Perhaps the same stuff is available in North Carolina, under a different name. Yes, call Home Depot in your area.

    One bad thing that I have found about Rockwool, here in my rural community…..mice love to make tunnels in it. You really have to close off possibilities for mice to enter. HARD styrofoam insulation is a deterent to mice.
    PS Rockwool is NOT fiberglass. Mineral wool fibers.

  5. LeonJ

    why not try searching for Rockwool suppliers on the internet. You can search for local suppliers or you could have it delivered. The big shops nearly always have things like that. B&Q etc etc

  6. Ed M

    Contact Owens- Corning Fiberglass Co. They have suppliers in every state or contact local insulating contractors for supplier.

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