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Q & A: Anderson Window condensation?

Question by lymanspond: Anderson Window condensation?
We have a 1950’s cape we put in a anderson bow window, as of the last 4 ot 5 years we get condesation in a spot in the middle of the window(only in the middle of the window), it is on the inside of the window, being an older cape the house is “not airtight”
As cold weather is moving in we see the condesation, but thats the only window with condensation, the air in the house is dry……the only thing that we can think of is puting foam insulation under the deck of the bow window…….

the window falls under the twenty year anderson window guarntee, but at the “home” center I go to I get into little arguments about this……I have downloaded anderson windows “guide to condensation, but this isn’t exactly covered ……. any suggestions……
the moisture is inside the house and only in the center of the window….
not between the two panes of glass…
and also we don’t have a high level of humidity, it is the only window in the house that does this…

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Answer by yaska
You can install a clear plastic either in the inside or outside of the window. This plastic with the tape can be purchased at Walmart. I put mine on the outside so that the tape does not damage the paint in any way.

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3 Responses to Q & A: Anderson Window condensation?

  1. Mark

    With the additional information it sounds like simple condensation on the coldest part of the window.

    Try introducing a airflow across with with say a desk fan to see if the problem goes away.

    If it does go away then I would fit some trickle vents to head of frame which will give some ventilation.

  2. michael G

    Replace the sash. The seal failed. Contact Andersen with the size and type of window.

    Who is the idiot that says put up plastic. He must have a real shitty house.

  3. Dances on Red Rock

    It should be covered under the warranty, it is known as a seal failure if you are getting condensation inside the two panes of glass. Contact Andersen or the distributor for Andersen in your area, they will replace it. If it is condensation on the interior surface of the glass, it is due to a high amount of humidity in your home.

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