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Neighbors seek help after homes flood

Neighbors seek help after homes flood
This time, Graham said there was about six feet of water in the yard and a few feet in the house. They had to have all of the insulation and dry wall ripped out of their home and will have to replace their floors. In total, they're looking at upwards …
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Danville home rocked by explosion
Large wooden beams were blown into the driveway along with insulation and glass. The walls were left leaning and buckled. Woitkun said he suspects a propane leak caused the blast. “The house is very unstable, as you can see. Furniture is blown …
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5 Horses Killed In Lakewood Fire That Damaged 3 Buildings
LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Three buildings were damaged in a fire early Monday morning in Lakewood, and five horses were killed. The fire broke out at approximately 3 a.m. at 3rd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard and it damaged a barn, an insulation …
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Cruden left at home after night out drinking – Waikato Times

Waikato Times Cruden left at home after night out drinkingWaikato TimesFirst-five Aaron Cruden will miss matches against Argentina and South Africa after a late night drinking incident. All Blacks at the Zookeeper's Son · Aaron Cruden. Facebook/ The Zookeeper's Son Zoom. Aaron Cruden photographed with two bar staff at The …Taylor called in for dropped CrudenRadio … Continue reading

Why Choose a Diesel Generator

In today’s fuel crisis where the difference between the supply and demand is unusual, it is necessary get a power generator that works on a kind of fuel that is cost effective. Taking this into perspective, the Rudolph diesel invention has enables people to purchase power generators, which work on diesel, which doesn’t only happen … Continue reading