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$8B-$16B Investment Could Double Solar Market

B-B Investment Could Double Solar Market
“Community solar,” sometimes referred to as shared solar or solar community gardens, can expand access to solar energy to 100 percent of the nation's homes and businesses, according to the director of the Department of Energy's Solar Technologies Office.
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Tesla home battery at K, partnered with rooftop solar system, may help
In conjunction with rooftop solar systems, batteries may help homeowners reduce their electric bills. And some homeowners, like Mike Thielen — who installed a Tesla battery prototype last year in his Redondo Beach, Calif., home as part of a state home …
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How to Buy an Ideal Solar Power System for Your Home

As electricity prices are rising day by day, people started to feel the pain of this abrupt mounting issue. Many homeowners located around the world are shifting towards a better and cost effective option, i.e. ‘Solar Power’. No doubt installing this type of power system in your home is the best possible way of utilizing … Continue reading

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