A Warm WinterA Warm Winter

The Alternative House

There are many ways to build a house, assuming you live on a plot or small holding, where there are no regulations and rules on building a house. I think there are three main ways to build a house. Brick, clay or mud, or wood. I don’t know much about building a house of clay, but you first have to determine where you will get the clay. And if you are going to build a normal size house, that will be a lot of clay. But if you have lots of free clay right there in your neighbourhood, then it’s a good option. But I would imagine that you will have to manufacture moulds for it, otherwise it would just collapse. Well, that is my reasoning, but I’m sure there are better methods for this, other people have building clay houses for centuries.
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Volunteers, supplies needed for annual homeless count

Volunteers, supplies needed for annual homeless count When they find homeless people, or people in need, volunteers pass out the food, hygiene packs and other items. She said the small electric heaters are crucial, because while a person may have a place to stay with electricity, it may not have … Read more on Columbia … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency In Building Design

With focus on the environment these days, more and more architects and contractors are turning their attention to designing and building structures that minimize energy loss. These designs reduce the energy needed for cooling and heating regardless of the equipment or energy source used for climate control. The three main characteristics of energy efficiency buildings … Continue reading