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How is it that dogs and cats stay warm when its below freezing outside!?

Question by proudmomma: How is it that dogs and cats stay warm when its below freezing outside!?
i feel so bad for them. i dont see how they can stay warm. and i even see some that have dog houses but lay on the ground! its 9 below here!
thank you people, i know they have fur. i just hate seeing an animal outside on a cold day like today. trust me, i have all inside animals and if i did have an outside animal they would be inside right now!

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Answer by sydney_22_f
fur !

And don’t kid yourself they do get cold. I have two dog, a golden retriever and a canadian eskimo dog. The golden will not stay outside much when it’s -9C or less. The eskimo dog seems quite comfortable sleeping in the snow at -20C or colder.

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11 Responses to How is it that dogs and cats stay warm when its below freezing outside!?

  1. kse

    i know this doesn’t answer your question, but…

    many states have anti-cruelty laws that protect animals that aren’t given proper shelter from the weather.

    In Maryland, it is a 90 day/$ 1,000 misdemeanor.

    You can check your local Humane Society or any animal shelters to see if your state qualifies.

  2. kissy face

    They don’t stay warm but enough to keep them from freezing (it can happen). I know, I feel so bad for them especially when their owners don’t provide a sturdy dog house and adequate bedding like hay or cedar chips.

  3. hockeymommy

    They shouldn’t. People have domesticated animals then they try to treat them like wild animals. Keeping Lassie warm is up to his owners!!!!

  4. Merilee L

    We are warm blooded creatures just like they are. Chances are you are seeing them laying on the ground where the sun is shining. They even prefer to lay in the house in a warm spot. Last couple of years my Peanut preferred right next to the kitchen stove. I know he liked the smells and the aroma from the oven and the stove.

  5. hip lady

    there are other animals out in this world that have the same problem. but animals that are homeless go to places that keep the wind off them. they find places near homes at night where they can find heat. then during the day they lay in the sun if there is any and store the heat in their bodies. I’m like you in worrying about them. i worked in a shelter and say a lot of frost bite on paws. it is really sad.

  6. C V

    Dogs and cats can rely on their fur to keep them alive to a certain point. Some breeds have layers of fat to offer additional protection, but rely on other methods to survive in the cold. Dogs in a pack huddle together to share warmth, and some dogs will dig into the snow to make envelopes of warmth to keep warm. However, leaving a lone animal out on extremely cold days is cruel. No matter how much fur they have, they feel it too, and they *can* freeze to death.

  7. The Laughing Man

    u do realise that cats and dogs have..ooh wats it called…umm..that furry stuff…umm..oh! FUR!! that’s right…whew dodged a bullet there..but u know all about that don’t ya…mrs.hot nurse porno lady

  8. In the Kitchen

    when it’s super cold…they don’t…break them inside or provide some extra shelter, blankets etc

  9. NiNes

    dogs naturally come from the cousins of wolf’s their fur are used to the temperature and nature, so they are naturally warm most of the time. I don’t know about cats.

  10. saracen2004

    They have fur

  11. da_zoo_keeper


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